Trying to load 5.0 via headless install onto an IBM ThinkPad 765D (D for
damm) Using these instructions.
Pretty simple always nice

But after booting the IBM get to 
/boot.config /boot/loader -h
BTX Loader 1.0 BTX Version is 1.01

And stays there - Forever

The mothership I use the following command 

# cu -l /dev/cuaa0  as root

And it say's connected but I cannot do a CTRL C after it does nothing
for 30 minutes or so and I want to end it. I end up rebooting to stop

Using real null modem cables<G> And I have redid 4 floppies, making sure
my media is good, tested another pair of cables to make sure nothing
changes and of course nothing does.

So I am fully aware of the 5.0 pitfalls and I am only trying to load and
test it on the laptop but if anyone has some helpful hints other than
cables, disks mojo<g> I would very much appreciate it.

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