Da Rock wrote:
On Sun, 2009-01-18 at 14:17 -0600, Brandon Gooch wrote:
I have a working driver for the Intel 4965, aka iwn(4), loaded on my
Lenovo X300 running FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE (amd64).

This driver is a slightly-modified version of the iwn(4) driver
backported from 8.0-CURRENT by Gavin Atkinson:


I was seeing the same symptoms described in these threads (among others):




...so I debugged and modified Gavin's driver for my system.

The driver and the source tree diff can be downloaded here for any
brave souls wanting to test it out:


I'm using the driver now to send this e-mail over a link to my TP-LINK
TL-WR941ND access point (with WPA2). Feedback and bug reports would be


Sounds like you got to it before I did- thank god! :)

Question though: have you got it figured for a channels yet?

I'll test it for you and keep you updated with my results.

Thanks for working on the driver!

The only difference to the version of gavin that I could see is that the bands in iwn_bands that got commented out were brought back. Or did I miss something? Do you know why they were commented out and it was unnecessary? Or was it just to fix the crash?

I did a few test runs: It does not crash immediately as the version from gavin, but the error I had with the perforce version
  iwn0: error, INTR=82000000<SW_ERROR,RX_INTR> STATUS=0x10000
  iwn0: iwn_config: could not set power mode, error 35
is there -- in 3 out of 3 tries. So nothing improved there. (I hit that error on first use in about 50% of the cases before.)

Moreover, at 3 out of 4 tries to 'kldunload if_iwn' after hitting the error (after '/etc/rc.d/netif stop iwn0' and 'ifconfig iwn0 down'), there was a crash: 2 page faults and 1 freeze. I have not had that with the perforce version. (Maybe once long ago, but I think I forgot to stop iwn0 at that time.)

The one time I actually got the (WPA2) connection up, I was able to transfer with a similar speed as with the perforce version.

Thus, for me, there are no improvement over the (old) perforce version. Probably by chance, but I had more crashes.

I think the thread on stable@ should rather be continued than the one on questions@, but since Da Rock answered on questions@, I reinclude both.

Jan Henrik
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