Hi everyone,

I'm having difficulties trying to clone a FreeBSD 7.1 PC to another exact same PC over SSH.

There is my the things I tried:

I found that link http://devpit.org/wiki/Dump_and_Restore_over_SSH which seemed exactly what I wanted. The problem is that FreeSBIE is not working on this PC (Dell Vostro 220 Slim). It seems to be a problem with the disk controler (can't mount the / partition).

So, I decided to install a minimal FreeBSD 7.1 on the PC to be cloned. I'm trying to dump/restore the /usr partition but I got warnings with the files already being present and it finally crashed SSHd just after transfering /usr/lib/libssl.so. After that, there is nothing to do with the PC, SSHd refuse to restart (segmentation fault).

The other soon to be a problem is to dump/restore the / partition (the kernel and the others currently used files).

My question is how do you clone PC over SSH (it would be too much a PITA to open each case to plug the HD directly in the source PC).

Thanks a lot for sharing,

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