On Jan 18, 2009, at 12:53 AM, Scott Aitken wrote:
If my exchange server is down for whatever reason, after confTO_QUEUEWARN
expires my mailhub sends the sender a delay DSN.

Because I consider this mail to have already been accepted into my network, and has been delivered locally at least, can I configure sendmail to NOT send
the DSN?


  define(`confTO_QUEUEWARN', `6d')dnl

...to your sendmail.mc and rebuild sendmail.cf; this will change the DSN warning period to be longer than the (standard) bounce time, so no warning DSNs will be generated until the final bounce. This is not considered to be good practice, as most people would like a warning that the email they tried to send has not been delivered to the intended recipient sooner than that.

(Most people seem to want email to resemble IM in terms of speed, so even a delay of a few minutes bothers some....)

Specifically I would like to do this on a per-host basis (ie, turn
it off when delays to the exchange server occur, but not for other (future)

I don't believe you can configure different timeouts for different destinations short of setting up multiple sendmail installations with different configs.

I would still like delay DSNs sent from other mail Internet servers to get though to my
local users too.

Not a problem, aside from the fact that any DSNs someone else sends are going to be delayed just like all other mail if your Exchange server is down...


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