Hi folks--

I have an amd64 machine with two drives. I've got my system set up on ad8, and I'm building a RAID0 array using gvinum that will span ad8 and ad10. So for now, I have partitions on ad8 plus a set of volumes on ad10 that I want to move all my data to.

Today I was doing a test move of all the data, using dump | restore like this:

# dump -0aL -f - /var | ( cd /mnt/var && restore -rf - )

I got about a dozen messages like this:

DUMP: read error from /dev/ad8s1d: Bad address: [block 10992192]: count=5120

What is causing this message, and is it a cause for alarm? Here's my bsdlabel for ad8s1:

# /dev/ad8s1:
8 partitions:
#        size   offset    fstype   [fsize bsize bps/cpg]
 a:  1048576        0    4.2BSD     2048 16384     8
 b:  4123872  1048576      swap
c: 488279547 0 unused 0 0 # "raw" part, don't edit
 d: 104857600  5172448    4.2BSD     2048 16384 28528
 e:  2097152 110030048    4.2BSD     2048 16384 28528
 f: 376152347 112127200    4.2BSD     2048 16384 28528

Thanks in advance for any help.

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