On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 06:59:02PM +0100, Tobias Daub wrote:
> Hi There,
> I'm pretty new to UNIX/FreeBSD and I'm going to install and administrate 
> FreeBSD on a DELL PowerEdge 2900.
> Does anybody have experience with that machine, or are there any known 
> problems, for example:
> - Perc RAID Controller
> - attaching an APC to the machine and configuring the corresponding software

I don't use a Dell but I use an APC smartUPS 750 which works fine. It's
monitored over usb and it uses sysutils/apcupsd installed from ports.

I'm sure your Dell will work fine with any smart APC and apcupsd.

> - ACPI
> Thanks alot!
> Tobias




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