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On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 12:34:26PM -0500, FreeBSD wrote:
My question is how do you clone PC over SSH (it would be too much a PITA
to open each case to plug the HD directly in the source PC).

Would it have to be ssh? Why not just use netcat [nc(1)] if both
machines are on your local network?

Try something like:

<destination machine, booted e.g. from CD>
newfs /dev/foo
mount /dev/foo /mntroot
cd /mntroot
nc -l 65000| restore -rvf -

<source machine>
dump -0 -a -C 8 -L -u -f - / | nc <dest> 65000


Sounds pretty interesting to me but i couldn't test right now. As nc is in /usr/bin how will i not face the same problem as with ssh? Can you point me to a freebsd live cd that has nc included?

Thanks a lot for your help

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