On a side note, Open Solaris seems to install just fine. Sigh...
FreeBSD is obviously my first choice, so hopefully there will be a
solution to this problem...

On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 5:07 PM, patrick <gibblert...@gmail.com> wrote:
> (Sorry for the repost, but in retrospect, I thought a subject
> detailing the actual problem would garner more responses.)
> Hi, I just got a new Dell Inspiron 530s, and am having some trouble
> getting FreeBSD 7.1 installed on it. When I boot up from the CD, after
> it detects all of the disks, I start getting messages like:
> acd0: TIMEOUT - READ_BIG retrying (1 retry left)
> and so on.
> Google results suggested that I disable ACPI from the boot menu. This
> works insofar as I get to the installation menu; however, when I go to
> partition the disk, it says that no disks were found. Is there a way I
> can disable ACPI, but set some boot-time variables to help the system
> find the disk controller?
> I'm in the process of creating a LiveCD to see if acpidump might help
> isolate just what the problem is, but if anyone has some advice in the
> meantime, I'd greatly appreciate it.
> ... time passes ...
> Booting in safe-mode doesn't have the TIMEOUT - READ_BIG messages, but
> instead I get an interrupt storm detected. The LiveCD didn't work
> because when I boot with ACPI disabled, no disks are detected which
> means that I cannot mount the LiveCD. :(
> Has anyone found a way to work around this sort of issue before?
> Thanks,
> Patrick
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