Do you have a kvm switch that does mouse and keyboard emulation and know
that it works with freebsd?

I have an iogear kvm switch from around the last time I asked this
question here years back, that has usually worked with linux, netbsd,
openbsd, macos and windows. Back then to work with freebsd, each time I
switched away and back I would login remotely and issue a command to get
freebsd to recognize the keyboard again.

The newer version of my kvm switch says it has mouse and keyboard
emulation, but I can't get a straight answer out of them if that means
the OS can tell that they keyboard has disconnected or not. Do you know?
Or do you know of a KVM switch, that does that and is suitable for an
impoverished person's home computing needs?

Also, I read someone's comment on newegg that the mouse emulation only
emulates 2 buttons. Do you know if that is true?


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