Matias Surdi wrote:
> Matias Surdi escribió:
>> Hi,
>> I've a host with two large (2Tb and 4 Tb) hardware raid5 arrays.
>> For the backup system we are using, I need to join them to make 1
>> logical device.
>> What would you recomment? ccd or vinum?
> Some comments that may help in the decision:
> - Reliability/resistance to power failures are the most important factor.
> - It doesn't require high performance or high speed.

Either gconcat or ZFS, depending which version of FreeBSD you're running.

gconcat label -v data /dev/raid1 /dev/raid2
newfs /dev/concat/data
mkdir /mnt/data && mount /dev/concat/data /mnt/data
df -h /mnt/data


zpool create data /dev/raid1 /dev/raid2
df -h /data

-- Frederique
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