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I've a host with two large (2Tb and 4 Tb) hardware raid5 arrays.

For the backup system we are using, I need to join them to make 1
logical device.

What would you recomment? ccd or vinum?

Some comments that may help in the decision:

- Reliability/resistance to power failures are the most important factor.

- It doesn't require high performance or high speed.

Either gconcat or ZFS, depending which version of FreeBSD you're running.

gconcat label -v data /dev/raid1 /dev/raid2
newfs /dev/concat/data
mkdir /mnt/data && mount /dev/concat/data /mnt/data
df -h /mnt/data


zpool create data /dev/raid1 /dev/raid2
df -h /data

-- Frederique
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ZFS was a disaster.

That is what we were using until today, when the power went off and the zfs pool ended up corrupted and irrecoverable.

Three other times we had power failures, the zpool ended with some errors.

But, all the times, the UFS partitions remained intact.

I won't use ZFS for a long time.

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