On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 9:10 AM, Jos Chrispijn <j...@webrz.net> wrote:
> Can someone tell me what I should attend for when I am disconnected in the
> middle of a portupgrade and the terminal session is aborted?
> The portupgrade was halted by a [yes/no] prompt, on which I had to react.
> Unfortunately being not present and I having not set my Putty keepalive
> session timeperiod I was disconnected due to no activity on this system
> prompt $-|.
> What I did after having logged on again was deleting that specific ruby
> process and some tty processes. Perhaps I should delete some other temp
> files as well?

For future runs, you might consider using something like screen
(/usr/ports/sysutils/screen) so you can resume the session later,
should you get disconnected.

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