Bert-Jan wrote:
"Roy Stuivenberg" <> writes:

After I completed my Freebsd 7.1 stable, and updated all the ports, I
prompted with another logonscreen.
Whatever I try, I can't login with my useraccount and even not logon as
This happened severall times now, the only way was to reinstall
and I was hoping to resolve this by completly finish upgrading the
And .. again the same problem.
I'm really hoping to get some answers that will solve this problem,
someone had to deal with this  issue before ??
I will not give up, because Freebsd stole my heart.
The problem has nothing to do with ports. To restore your root/user
. boot into single user mode;
. set a new root password;
. set a new user password;
. boot into multiuser mode;
. login and have fun.


I've had the same thing happen to me not 2 weeks ago after upgrading a
server from 7.0-RC2 to 7.1-RELEASE with freebsd-update. For me the problem
had nothing to do with ports but with the update itself, because it
replaced my pwd.db and spwd.db with the default ones (root with no
password, no user accounts) and since ssh doesn't accept root logins I
ended up going to the datacenter and copying the backups of those db's
back. Then everything was fine again. Very strange they got replaced
Sounds like you've had something similar happen to you. Hopefully your
machine isn't too far away.

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Might I add the tempting and tendancy to change root's shell to a non-base shell. While you're in single user, use a base shell if you're using non-base (ahem! bash users)

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