Peter Steele wrote:
We have systems that upon initial configuration have no IP addresses
assigned. Their rc.conf entries look like this:

and also executes explicit ifconfig and route add commands that match
the entries in rc.conf.
The question is, should we also execute a netif stop/start sequence when
this IP/router information is assigned? Are there other services that
should also be stopped/restarted when the IP is set? Ideally, we want to
avoid having to reboot the box to set the IP as we are doing.

As far as I know you do not have to, changing interface settings with ifconfig should be enough. I used to have a script to switch between LAN and WLAN on my laptop which used only ifconfig <ip>, route flush and route add default <routerip>. Only thing that comes to mind that could go wrong if daemons are configured to listen on a specifc ip instead of (default) configs with :<port>.



- Frank

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