IPMI module (=Remote server management through webbrowser (Java appl.))

After installing Xorg and kde3, when connecting through the IPMI,
the KDM login manager shows its login window. Keyboard input works, but mouse input does not (the mouse pointer moves, but clicking on e.g.
the 'Menu' button in KDM login window does nothing)

(the IPMI console window shows in the bottom right corner a keyboard
and mouse icon, indicating that both should be available)

Also, after some time the screen gets black and reports 'No signal'

I can still do Ctrl-Alt-F1 to get a FreeBSD ASCII console login:

Another Ctrl-ALt-F9 gets me back to KDE3 login window (keyboard but
no mouse input accepted)

what can be wrong and how to remedy?

use normal unix tools for remote administration not IPMI
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