This should work. I'll try it.

Thanks for the idea

2009/1/21 Clifton Royston <>:
> On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 12:01:04PM +0100, Matias Surdi wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is there any way to avoid the system going to single user mode when a
>> secondary storage device cannot be mounted?.
>> I mean, if all system filesystems are OK, how can set up a device with a
>> custom mount point so that when it's tried to mount at boot time and
>> fails doesn't cause the system to be in single user mode?
>> I know that if in fstab I set the last parameter to "0" checking will
>> not be made at boot time, but instead what I want is the check to be
>> run, correct any automatically correctable error, and continue booting
>> anyway, despite the result of the check.Later a custom script will check
>> the filesystem and send a mail, for example.
> Try this:
>  Set to "noauto" in /etc/fstab, and add a custom script to run at the
> end of the boot process to check and mount your special device if it's
> OK, and do whatever additional processing you want if not.
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