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> Novembre <novem...@gmail.com> writes:
> > I have a system which was updated from 6.3-RELEASE to 7.0-RELEASE some
> > eight months ago via a source upgrade. After that, I rebuilt all the
> > packages on the system as well. Now, I would like to update it again
> > to 7.1-RELEASE, and I'm wondering whether I should do a clean install
> > or just do a source upgrade again. My question is regarding all the
> > old cruft that remains after the upgrade and rebuilding of all the
> > packages, as I already know that there are a bunch of old libraries
> > residing somewhere on the system.
> pkg_delete (or portupgrade, etc.) should not orphan any libraries
> (occasionally there is a bug in a port that does, but it's rare).  As
> far as the base system, remember the "make delete-old" step, which is
> part of the official UPDATING instructions.
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By 'orphan' do you mean the unreferenced libraries that libchk has found on
my machine?
I use portupgrade, and apparently, the upgrade process leaves them there.
I was also not aware of the 'make delete-old' step! I had never seen it
before. I did the
source upgrade of my machine following what is in the handbook, but i don't
doing any 'make delete-old'...

What should I do with the unreferenced libraries and the ones on the

Thanks :)
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