I have built a simple 7.1 system in a VM.  I built a custom kernel that is 
basically GENERIC minus some hardware stuff I don't need, plus a few things 
that look cool.
When I attempt to run the ipnat command, I get the error:
/dev/ipnat: open: No such file or directory
Sure enough, there are no ip* devices in /dev/.  In the "olden days", when I 
used to do a lot of BSD hacking, you used MAKEDEV to make the devices you 
wanted.  Nowadays, it's done with devfs.  I believe the upshot is that it's 
supposed to be semi-automagic, isn't it?
Anyway, what am I doing wrong?  What do I need to configure to use ipnat and 
then later ipfw or ipfilter?
- Michael
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