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> I was wondering if it was possible to generate code that would allow my 
> clients to shrink or enlarge their quicktime players when playing 
> lecture videos from my server. I know one can embed players into html 
> code; however, wheat I specifically want is for someone to be able to 
> click on a particular file in my apache server directory and then, when 
> it begins streaming, have it play via a quicktime embedded interface 
> that gives the client the option to manipulate its size. Ideally, I 
> would like to generate a single bit of html code that can apply to all 
> the files (rather than generate a series of href anchors for each). Can 
> this be done?

An idea that would come to my mind would be this:

1. Let the lecture content (QT video) be handeled by an external
   program, i. e. mplayer.

2. If the content has been selected and the download / downstream
   starts, mplayer plays it, and (according to the window manager
   used) mplayer's window can be changed in size. Or, more easily,
   the key "f" can be pressed to put mplayer into fullscreen mode.

This would only require changes on the clients' site.

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