I've started upgrading a machine from 7.0 to 7.1 using freebsd-update. It's 
the first time I've upgraded to a new os version with it (always used cvsup/ 
make world & mergemaster before).

All was going well until it came to merging the new & old conf files. I wasn't 
quite sure what to do when asked to edit some of the files (it's not the same 
as mergemaster), so I did what I thought was best (having made a backup 
of /etc first!)

Anyway, once that was finished, it then showed me the resulting merged files 
and asked if each one looked reasonable. I answered yes to the first one, but 
with the second file wasn't right, so I answered no - assuming it would give 
me the chance to edit the file again (like mergemaster does). 

Instead it just dumped me back at the command prompt with no indication as to 
how to proceed from there.

I tried running the freebsd-update install command again, but it said no 
updates are available to install, run freebsd-update fetch first.

Is there some way I can resume the upgrade process? Or do I need to do a 
rollback and then fetch & update again?

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