Svein Halvor Halvorsen wrote:
Hi, list!

I have just acquired a new computer to replace an old server. This older server has been running FreeBSD 5.3 since 2004 and most of its packages are way out of date. I've been scared of changing something in fear of rendering the machine unbootable, or some core applications unrunnable.

I want to make sure I have better routines this time around, when I'm starting a-fresh. I'd like to keep my system and packages fairly up to date, and still keep the compiling to a minimum.

Is it possible to pkg_add -r packages from -STABLE on the latest -RELEASE? That is, will the following work, or slowly render my system to an incoherent state:


This was once not the way to do it. I read on the handbook recently that they actually advertize to use -STABLE packages if you want more up-to-date programs.

Why is it you wnat to remove the compiling part of it? portupgrade, portmaster or any other port management tool will take care of that for you. Just curious on this one.....

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