This is probably the one I'll go for…
There is a good hack described in the O'Reilly "BSD hacks" to setup Bacula…

I'll consider this article as a starting point…

Thank you very much folks.

Le 23 janv. 09 à 04:21, Geoff Fritz a écrit :

On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 08:30:56PM +0100, bsd wrote:

I am using a FreeBSD server 7.0 as a Samba server and wanted to backup
this server using Quantum DLT tape.

I would need a simple tool that could be configured rapidl at that's
stable enough to provide high security for the data.
Ideally any good pointer to a howto would be a must!

I've had success with Bacula for a small office file server (FreeBSD) and Windows clients clients. It supports SSL for the data transfer (if the client and server are not the same machine), as well as data encryption:

I haven't used the encryption myself. Bacula has a bit of a learning curve to set up corretly, but I really enjoy its use once it it set up correctly.

-- Geoff

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