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Eduardo Cerejo <ejcer...@optonline.net> wrote:

>I'm trying to upgrade any port with portmanager because portupgrade
>keeps failing all the time.  No matter what port I try to upgrade I
>get this error:
>sudo portmanager x11/xterm -l -u
>MGrStrlen error: NULL marker not found in string
>Assertion failed: (0), function MGrStrlen, file MGrStrlen.c, line 54.
>I'm running FreeBSD 7.1 release.

I am assuming you have the latest version of portmanager and an updated
ports tree. Try just running portmanager in a generic fashion; i.e.:

        portmanager -u -l -p -y

See if that corrects the problem. Also, can you run it as root rather
than using sudo? I have no idea if that would make any difference;
however, I never use sudo when running portmanager myself.

Also, you probably have portsclean installed. Clean out
your /usr/ports/distfiles directory and then run:

        portsclean -CLP

Prior to running portmanger. It cannot hurt and it might fix something.

You might also consider doing a deinstall/reinstall of portmanger if
you feel the program might have gotten damaged.


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