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> Hello,
> I've compiled and installed the port editors/openoffice.org-3-devel
> (version openoffice.org-3.1.20081224) without, but OpenOffice does not
> start:
> $ openoffice.org-DEV300_m38
> /libexec/ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libuno_sal.so.3" not found, required by 
> "soffice"

> and the lib is there as I can see with ls(1) and file(1); I've watched
> with truss(1) what the linker is lookin up as directories (see below)
> but it does not pass through 
> /usr/local/openoffice.org-DEV300_m38/openoffice.org/ure/lib
> What is the correct way to make this work?
> Thx

I followed an idea and used ldconfig(1) to expand the dirs searched:

# ldconfig -m /usr/local/openoffice.org-DEV300_m38/openoffice.org/ure/lib
# ldconfig -m 

now openoffice.org-DEV300_m38 comes up, guides me through the
registration dialog but then crashes with other shared symbol problems

 Undefined symbol "db_create"

I think I will go back and use an older (stable) version of

Bad results after 3 days of compiling :-((


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