Saifi Khan wrote:
On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 8:07 AM, Dan Nelson <> wrote:
In the last episode (Jan 24), Tim Judd said:
Saifi Khan wrote:
i'd like to scrollback on the multi page output on the terminal in
FreeBSD 7.1

SHIFT key + Pg Up doesn't seem to work.

Can somebody post how to scrollback in terminal ?
scroll lock, and pgup
After you hit scroll-lock, up/down/pgup/pgdn/home/end all work, you can
copy and paste the history text with your mouse, and there's a separate
history per VTY.  You can also set the number of scrollback lines with
the "vidcontrol -n ###" command.  Significantly better than Linux's

       Dan Nelson

Thank you Tim and Dan for helping me out.

The BSD model is more logical and straightforward.

Yes it is. As you get into BSD more, you'll find it makes more logical sense to stick with it, over Linux. Welcome to the group.
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