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> Brian Henning wrote:
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> >>Brian Henning wrote:
> >>
> >>> Their network design supports no more than 16 hops on the
> >>> way to
> >>>a DHCP server,
> >>>but increasing the (hard-coded) TTL
> >>>(at line 159 in /usr/src/contrib/isc-dhcp/common/packet.c) can help fix the
> >>>problem.
> >>>I would like to manually try to connect to my isp before i try changing the
> >>> code
> >>>for DHCP.
> >>>I got my network info from my lrp operating system. I would like to switch
> >>> that
> >>>to bsd.
> >>>can i use traceroute to find out the number of hops i am currently taking
> >>> get
> >>>to my isp's dhcp server?

Ok, i am able to connect to my isp via a manual configuration of my network.
i set my ip address and my default route in rc.conf and i set my dns in

i now know that i am having problems connecting to my dhcp server.
i am in the process of changing the dhcp code (at line 159 in
i changed this to 128. Then i am going to rebuild everything.
i was not able to find out the ip address of the dhcp server that my isp uses so
i hope this solves the problem. any other suggestions? it seems odd that i would
have to make this kind of a change to get dhcp to work.. do i need to add
anything to my rc.conf to enable dhcp?

rebuild everything
cd /usr/src && make buildworld
cd /usr/src && make buildkernel
cd /usr/src && make installkernel
< reboot into single user mode >
boot -s
fsck -p
mount -a
cd /usr/src && mergemaster -p
cd /usr/src && make installworld
cd /usr/src && mergemaster


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