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> it's nonsense to FreeBSD developers to do workaround just because adobe 
> don't want to make FreeBSD binary.
> If they don't want to make, then they DONT WANT US to use their product.
> They DO HAVE RIGHT to do so, and please respect their rights!
> PS. Of course it's nonsense what they do, but again it's their right to do 
> stupid things

I do share this point of view, but sadly, an open system like
the Web has been polluted and made unusable (or at least has the
tendency to be this way) for those who cannot access this
propretary product / format.

Don't get me wrong, I've played a bit with "Flash" on FreeBSD,
found it useless and am living happily now without it, without
getting bothered to install strange "Plugins" or "Extensions"
all day long. The day "Flash" will be an open standard and will
be integrated into browsers (such as graphic formats are, or
even other media), then I'll think about it again, for sure.
But as long as something that unimportant hooks so deeply into
the system that it's hard work to create workarounds to use
it (swfdecoder, linux-flash, gnash etc.), it simply isn't
worth thinking about.

Or could you imagine that a company would release some software
that makes it possible to view PNG images within a webpage, but
your OS isn't intended to have support for this, because it would
require the modification of the OS kernel? :-)

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