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Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>> I don't want to raise an argument here (on multiple levels, no less...),
>> but what would the compatibility be between FreeBSD (release) and
>> Solaris?
>> Why I ask is Adobe have released a version of flash for Solaris, and I'm
>> wondering if this might work better than the linux_compat types. I tried
> it's nonsense to FreeBSD developers to do workaround just because adobe
> don't want to make FreeBSD binary.
> If they don't want to make, then they DONT WANT US to use their product.
> They DO HAVE RIGHT to do so, and please respect their rights!
> PS. Of course it's nonsense what they do, but again it's their right to
> do stupid things

I really, really dislike the notion that any company, in the selfishly sheer
pursuit of profits, should be able to dictate to anyone what that person should
be able to do, giving that it's within the limits of the law.  Not allowing one
to view many sites ISN'T within the moral control of any company, as long as you
don't violate laws in doing it.  Telling me that I should respect some idiot
being able to tell me what I should or should not do with my own personal
equipment (again, as long as you stay legal) is is the worst sort of moral

If you look at what Adobe is doing, they're making it obviously clear that they
don't care about you using their tools, they only don't want you to use the
operating system of your choice.  And you want me to respect that, right?
Sheesh!  Why is it you use FreeBSD?  Isn't it obviously clear that MicroSoft
doesn't want you to?

As long as you stay within the letter of the law, don't be so pusillanimous as
to allow *any* company to dictate your free speech.  As long as you stay within
the law, then Free Speech is precisely what this all comes down to, and my
rights to use whatever operating system I care to.  Same as it's Adobe's right
to refuse to support such a choice, which I agree with.  But they can't tell me
what I can do on my own.

If I misunderstood you, above, then I apologize, but if I correctly read your
meaning, then I'm sure my personal rights are important enough to me, to stay
the course here.
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