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> now I dismis that both the error and record window and go to file>save audio as...

Why are you diong the video save before trying the audio save.

> >>> Using Audio IFF sound file headers
> Sound data is not PCM in "/usr/temp/audiocCY5bg".

Have you tried playing back that file? Have you checked to see what is
in the file in any way?

> it will let me record in any other format, excluding mp2/3, but the
> play back button does not work for those...

You just lost me.

> I have it set on audio-auto on input and am just running a jumper
> from the audio out on the tv card to the audio in on the sound card.
> My sound on the system is provided pcm0 which is a VIA VT82C686A
> using the AC97 codec.
> The version of fxtv is 1.03, the version of mpegaudio is 3.9, and I
> am running freebsd 4.7.

Is the mixer set up properly? fxtv doesn't fool with the mixer, but
assumes you've set it up right.

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