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> On Mon, 26 Jan 2009 00:06:18 -0800, Gary Kline <kl...@thought.org> wrote:
> >     Thanks, Gents,
> > 
> >     But according to one smallish pdf file that I send to a web based
> >     tool, it was not a real pdf.  Or, more accurately, it (the pdf to 
> >     speech program) couldn't decode it.
> This is a typical problem with "poorly engineered" PDFs where the
> author puts in the text as images (you'll see this stupidity across
> the Web, too).

        So what kind of moron is going to photograph pages --or maybe just
        get-screenshot-of-this-page" and upload it?   Or a Real question:
        I read an online pdf of "The Art of War" from the 1880's [?], and
        it was in an old-English or olden-Deutsch type font.  In PDF.  i
        have other p.d. texts in pdf and am wondering in there is some
        sort of scanner than can take a book-length script and create a
        pdf file.  Anybody know?  

> A good tool to check if the PDF file can be (audibly) read is the
> use of the tool pdftotext from the port xpdf.
>       % pdftotext bla.pdf && less bla.txt
> Then, even the FF speech plugin should work correctly - as long as
> the PDF file contains decodable text. If it's just a bunch of images,
> well, what are we expecting, hm? FF-speech: "You see a pretty image of
> some text..." :-)

        Yeah, that's about right!  I got a bunch of ^L bytes and nothing
        else.  Now I'm looking at the file with od -c and, yup, it's and
        image. The parts inbetween pages are in ASCII.  Do you know what
        "MediaBox" is?

        At least the web article was not an image!  Google had it both in
        PDF and HTML.


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