I'm running FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE on a couple of Sun X2100 servers, each with 2X 250GB SATA drives that I've established a gmirror(8) over, following the instructions in section 19.4 of the Handbook.

Now, one of the machines, being transformed into a webserver, needs a separate, newly created /var/www partition (its current partitions only take up 27G of the total ~238G available).

My dilemma is -- how do I add another partition without hosing the system? It seems to me that there is no other way than to destroy the gmirror, create the new partition, then re-create the gmirror. The issue is how to proceed in a safe manner, without destroying any data or causing undue hassle (time is of the essence, as always).

My draft plan is as follows, with ad4 and ad6 being the component drives:

  $ sudo gmirror deactivate gm0 /dev/ad6
  $ sudo gmirror deactivate gm0 /dev/ad4
  $ sudo gmirror remove gm0 /dev/ad6
  $ sudo gmirror remove gm0 /dev/ad4

I believe this would result in all metadata associated with the gmirror to be wiped, and hence the gmirror to be destroyed, based on my potentially faulty reading of the manpage.

Then edit fstab to restore the ``/dev/mirror/gm0s1?'' entries to their corresponding ``/dev/ad4s1?'' entries & reboot.

Afterwards, would run ``bsdlabel -e ad4'', then newfs, and finally, redo the gmirror sequence (following the steps in section 19.4 of the handbook, as before).

Am I missing any critical steps here, or have any redundant steps? Or just not getting it?

Thank you for any pointers!


P.S. Is it possible to operate directly on the gm0 device, i.e., to create a partition using it rather than destroying the entire gmirror?

Vladislav Sekulic
Research Computing System Administrator
Systems and Networks Research Group
Dept. of Computer Science, University of Toronto

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