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Subject: FreeBSD 7.0 reboots on Dell 2950

Hello all.

What we have:
Dell 2950 with FreeBSD-7.0-p9 on it.
It work as mail server(Exim+Dovecot and so on).
All latest version from ports.

After start a production use - it is start to reboot 3-4 times a day with no reason. We think what it is a hardware problem.

We swap RAM - not helps.
We swap chassis - not helps.
I rebiuld all ports - not helps.
(well i notice what it start to be more stable - 1 reboot in 1-2 days)

In attach screens of error what i have to catch.

Can someone say - what it can be or how to find what may cause this?

> I think you should upgrade to FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE at least, if not -STABLE.

Well - why I must do this? It is was a some problems with 7.0?
I don`t want to do this just to do this. Well - if nothing helps may be.

Best regards,
Proskurin Kirill
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