Daniel Bye <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Agreed, but in this context, I think we are talking about running the
> disparate kernel and world, in either event, only as long as it takes to get
> both parts, the new kernel and the new world, installed.  Surely, an old
> world on a new kernel will have the exact same problems (or the exact
> opposite problems?), in that newly-built programs such as ps and top may
> have been altered to take account of new kernel memory structures etc, which
> won't be available until the new kernel is installed and booted.
> Anyone who is up to using buildworld should have enough understanding to
> know that you have to build and install both parts for your system to work
> properly.

Yes, *assuming* everything goes fine, either method works equally well.

The difference is what you can do if something goes wrong.  If you are
running a new kernel on an old world, you can reboot with your old
kernel, but if you're running an old kernel on a new world when things
blow up, you're hosed, and have to start installing from clean media.

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