Oliver Adler writes:

>  because I'm just building a firewall based on FreeBSD 7.1 I
>  was looking around for a quad port NIC. I got a ZNYX ZX346Q
>  and tested it. It seems to work (I did not yet stress
>  testing). The only problem with the card is, that it doesn't
>  support media autoselect. The media has to be specified with
>  the ifconfig media option. I got the clue for this from
>  http://www.znyx.com/support/drivers/ZX346Q_drivers.htm
>  If there is some more testing necessary to add this card to
>  the list of supported hardware, please give me a note.

        If you mean "is there a driver for the card?", try de(4).
        If you mean "will someone please media auto-select?" ... I'm
confused.  If the hardware doesn't support it (and my ZX345s didn't)
how can the driver?

                                Robert Huff

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