On Wednesday 26 February 2003 19:42, someone, possibly Michael Sharp, typed:
> I understand ALL IDE CD-RWs are supported under FreeBSD, but has anyone
> actually used a CD-RW by LiteON ( http://liteonit.com ) and had sucess
> with it under burncd?

In addition to working with burncd, you can also get this drive to work with 
cdrtools if you want by making it appear to be a SCSI device. You will need 
a 4.7-RELEASE or newer system (check the Handbook for upgrading 
instructions) and you will need to recompile your kernel with atleast:

device  ata
device  atapicd
device  atapicam
device  scbus
device  pass
device  cd

Some IDE CD-R/RW devices will only work this way... those that do not 
implement the standards that SS adheres strictly to in the burncd code. 
However, this drive, according to numerous posts, will work fine, and does 
implement those standards (which is rather impressive)

The advantage to using it with ATAPICAM rather than burncd is that you will 
also be able to use the other tools from the cdrtools package, cdrecord, 
cdda2wav, etc, and the numerous front ends that have been designed for 


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