Proskurin Kirill wrote:
> Peter wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Try updating to lastest version:
>> RAID Controller BIOS
>> RAID Controller Firmware
> Do you think it can be a problem?
> It is possible to test it some how?
> This host is really far away from me.

Last 3 months I had issues will DELL 1650 and DELL R200.
In both cases BIOS update fixed it.

1) DELL 1650 - FreeBSD did not want to installl, after BIOS udpate all
went well
2) DELL  R200 with SATA - no problems
2) DELL R200 with SAS, installed well, extremely scary message about
HDD, after BIOS update, RAID controller BIOS udpate and RAID controller
firmware udpate all went well

BTW when the R200 scared me , I got a DELL diagniostic CD with FreeDOS
and it did full system test. If you can get KVM over IP, have someone to
put in the CD and 2 hours downtime is acceptable, it is good idea to run
that CD on your machine.

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