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CS> On Jan 26, 2009, at 3:34 PM, KES wrote:
>> I can not setup two ADSL PPPoE Links to same provider.
>> Because of imposibility to setup route for second connection
>> First connection gets:
>> metric 0 mtu 1492
>>        inet --> netmask 0xffffffff
>> Second can not be established because of:
>> Jan 27 01:27:55 kes mpd: [UKR_B4] IFACE: Add address  
>>> to ng1
>> Jan 27 01:27:55 kes mpd: [UKR_B4] IFACE: Adding IPv4 address to ng1  
>> failed: File exists

CS> You should talk to your network provider and ask them whether they  
CS> want you to do multilink PPP or IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation.  Either
CS> way, the bonding of the two connections should give you a single  
CS> virtual network interface (tunX for the first, probably, and laggX in
CS> the second case) which has only a single route.

CS> For example:

CS> ...talks about "After you configure the LAG bundle, you can route IP  
CS> traffic over it, create a VLAN over it, or route PPPoE traffic over it."

I do not want to aggregate links. I want use them as standalone
I had two servers, two lans and two ADSLs. Now I have one server, four
NICs: first LAN1, second LAN2, third ADSL1, forth ADSL2
I want to route LAN1 through ADSL1, LAN2 through ADSL2. LAN1/LAN2 must
not interact with each other. For each LAN I use its own FIB (routing
Only one problem: I can not run setup two PPPoE link if for second
link is leased same gateway as for first

So, is it possible to workaround this problem?

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