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> They don't just dumps out potential readers that don't use "the only 
> right" OS and browser.
> They too - dumps out all disabled people, most importantly blind.
> It's not a problem for a blind to read plain text on computers (there are 
> LOTS of solutions for this), but navigating in graphics-only manus etc. is 
> impossible.

The HTML standard offers means to accomplish even this: The img
tag has the parameters alt= and longdesc= that can be set so the
text mode browser shows this text instead of the image. Of couse,
it's up to the web developer to use descriptive text, such as the
equivalent of the image menu selection in alt= or a description of
what you see on an image in longdesc=, but this seems to be too
much "old school" for our today's script kiddies who impersonate
professional web designers. :-)

Following the W3C's standards is always good. They even provide
checking software for web pages (HTML and CSS), but "It works for
me", said by the web developer, seems to make these excellent tools

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