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>        Several months ago, I started using dar to backup a
> number of FreeBSD and Linux systems to one FreeBSD box. It
> worked fine once one got the syntax of the remote commands
> working, but then it all died when I moved it to a new
> FreeBSD6.3 system.
>        If I can't figure out what is wrong or whether it is
> worth fixing, I am going to have to find some other archiver so
> we can get good backups and trust them to be easily restored.

 I just stumbled upon BackupPC yesterday, so I amnot sure how good it can be
because I haven't had time to test, but nothing stops you from looking at
it, now that you are after a solution.
Please see http://backuppc.sourceforge.net

PS: If you do test it out, please come back and tell us what you feel about
it. I personally will appreciate the feedback, even if to my personal

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