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> Sent: 28 January 2009 13:27
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> Subject: Is there a trick to boot 7.1 install CD with USB keyboard?
> Dell OptiPlex 745 - no PS/2 connectors.
> USB keyboard works on boot menu but during kernel initialization I see this:
> usb1: host controller halted
> uhub1: device problem (IOERROR), disabling port 2
> Have you made sure you have USB keyboard support enabled in the bios and you 
> may also need to enable USB legacy support.
> Regards
> Graeme

Thanks Graeme. None of those options exist in the BIOS of this
particular machine. I assume it's always enabled due to its lack of PS/2
At least one Google hit mentions Dell Optiplex 745 specifically not
working while model 755 boots FreeBSD without problems. Disabling atkbd
via hints (as suggested by other posts) doesn't change the behaviour
either unfortunately.
This isn't extremely important to me. I simply wondered if I had missed
some vital information regarding the use of USB keyboards.

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