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Thanks all for the replies. I wanted to send a formal thank you instead of replying to each of the people who responded to me so I wouldn't be spamming the list, as I think that would be a much more polite way of doing it than sending a bunch of messages in filling everyone's inbox up :)

The last time I used the CVSup method was I think 6.0 and at the time I had read through the docs on the FreeBSD page and made sure to have them not only ready, but I opened it up on another machine so I could check what I was doing off as I went along, and kept a book handy that was published around 5.0 but for some reason or another, probably do to my newbieness to BSD, it not only didn't work, I couldn't seem to boot anymore, which, as I said, I'm almost certain was do to my ignorance.

Anyway, thanks again everyone, and now instead of risking it, I have set up FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE on another machine I can use for testing as I feel this will help me learn more without worrying about messing up as I can always reinstall on that one.

I've started using FreeBSD more in the last month or so and I've actually started to get the hang of it. I've always like it, which is why I show my appreciation financially whenever possible. I also like buying books, CD-ROM sets, Tee Shirts, stickers, pins, and whatever else from the FreeBSDMall and book stores which helps show people that they sell good and that more should get written or at least updated versions.

For some reason if you follow along line by line in the book "FreeBSD Unleashed Second edition" which was written and came with 5.0 on CD, it doesn't work at all for some reason. I think there must have been a few changes in the way things are done between these versions but I couldn't get those instructions to work at all. I'm sure it works great on 5.0 but I kind of fell for 7.1 like a school kid lol.

Anyway thanks again, sorry for the length of this message, and I'm glad I've susbscribed to this list again as I've gotten answers to many of my questions I couldn't quite find an answer for by googling it.

-Allen. Promoting FreeBSD since 4.0
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