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On Thursday 29 January 2009, Akenner wrote:

For some reason if you follow along line by line in the book "FreeBSD
Unleashed Second edition" which was written and came with 5.0 on CD,
it doesn't work at all for some reason. I think there must have been
a few changes in the way things are done between these versions but I
couldn't get those instructions to work at all. I'm sure it works
great on 5.0 but I kind of fell for 7.1 like a school kid lol.

I have never had a single problem updating system remotely via internet like this:

doing a sup file like this:

*default host=cvsup4.FReeBSD.org
*default base=/usr
*default prefix=/usr
*default release=cvs tag=RELENG_7
*default delete use-rel-suffix
*default compress

doc-all tag=.
ports-all tag=.


csup supfile

cd /usr/local/src
make buildworld >& bw
check the end of bw
make buildkernel KERNCONF=MYKERN >&bk
check what's in bk

i redirect output to save the bandwidth and traffic
stop as many thing as i can stop

make installkernel KERNCONF=MYKERN
make installworld >&iw

check what's in iw

mergemaster -p

disable everything in /local/etc/rc.d and as many as possible in rc.conf

shutdown -r now

and then it's up and it's a new version!

as i said - it never failed!


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