On Thursday 29 January 2009 03:47:51 Gunther Mayer wrote:

> That's all fair and well but I lose all that lovely accounting
> information upon reboot so how do I go about saving this? I've googled
> quite a bit to look for a solution but have found nothing useful so far,
> just unanswered posts in the past.

The package of choice for traffic accounting is radius. That said, it's 
probably more work to set up initially then hacking the rc script, if you 
don't need it's authentication facilities.

>  From what I can tell so far I'd have to write a custom rc script which
> redirects "pfctl -sl" into some sort of logfile which then may be
> retrieved at a later stage (and added to current counter output). Is
> there an easier way perhaps?

Not that I can see, especially since for completeness, you'd have to hack the 
actual /etc/rc.d/pf, because statistics are reset upon rule reload.

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    and never get to the software part.
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