I'm having some issues with Sendmail with the MSP, and I have read so
many docs I have confused myself!

My issue is the following. I'm running 4.7p4 with the 8.12.x Sendmail.
I want to route all local mail to a central mail hub (I'm doing this
somewhat successfully with LOCAL_RELAY and MAIL_HUB). But I'm hitting
a wall with the new MSP (the submit.cf stuff) and mail. When I try to
write an e-mail message using the local mail from a localhost user to
an outside address, the message isn't transferred to the mail hub, but
gets stored in the clientmqueue for processing, and just sits there. I
get the following log entry:

Feb 20 23:06:55 server sendmail[16892]: h1L76tFs016892: from=chris,
size=42, class=0, nrcpts=1,
Feb 20 23:06:55 server sendmail[16892]: h1L76tFs016892:
[EMAIL PROTECTED], delay=00:00:00, mailer=esmtp, pri=30041,
dsn=4.4.3, stat=queued

I thought that LOCAL_RELAY was supposed to relay stuff like this and
send it on -- but I don't think that the normal sendmail daemon is
looking at this queue (that's what the MSP is for after all, right?!).
I thought about using genericstable to rewrite the base domain of the
local users, but it doesn't look like MSP would even look at it to do
the domain rewrite anyway. Any help would be appreciated.

My assumption riding though all of this is that on a normal system,
the only thing that uses the LOCAL mailer part of Sendmail (and now
the MSP mailer) is the CLI mailer "mail". Most other programs use SMTP
to talk directly with a local mail relay.


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