Funny, I wasn't aware of this new option in 7.1, hence my question. From what I 
see some stuff is already modified to use this new option (like ipfw), but 
others require the setfib utility. I'm not sure if you can add routes directly 
from rc.conf, but why not try 'setfib -<fib> route add xxx' ?


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Здравствуйте, Arjan.

I mean:
options         ROUTETABLES=2

Then I do manually:
setfib 0 route add default <G.A.T.E1>
setfib 1 route add default <G.A.T.E2>

in rc.conf I can do for FIB0:

How to do same thing for other routing tables?

I exepct next feature to exists:

AvdO> What exactly do you mean with two routing tables?

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AvdO> Здравствуйте, Questions.

AvdO> I have two routing tables.
AvdO> How to setup two default routes for each routing table in rc.conf?

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