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> When and if I upgrade, I will be doing it by compiling the system from
> source (buildworld or what it's called) according to:
> For the installworld and mergemaster steps, it's strongly recommended
> to drop into single user mode.  However, since my server is in a data
> center, it's a bit of trouble to do so (requires the "boss" there to
> hook up some sort of keyboard-input over a web browser application).
> I'm wondering if for the upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1 it would be OK to NOT
> drop into single user mode during these steps.

You've got to make that call for yourself, but it's the reason serial
console and 1000 different brands of "lights out management" addon cards

Personally, I haven't done the "drop to single user mode" thing in a
long time and I've never had problems.

Bill Moran
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