Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:
> I have a remote system with no access to boot info. I can get someone to
> reset, look at screen, etc. The server is 6.1-RELEASE-p15 and wondering
> if there is a path to upgrade to 7.1 remotely. Would it be possible to
> do something like this for getting the box to 6.4...
> And then another freebsd-update to 7.1? Seems that box will not let me
> portupgrade clamav anymore due to a change from 6.1 :(

I've upgraded several machines remotely with success (as described in
the handbook) and never had any problems (even did a OpenBSD version
upgrade from 3.1 to 4.1 - somewhere around 3.4 they switched from a.out
to elf format). Those upgrades where both minor (eg. 6.3 -> 6.4) and
major (6.4 -> 7.0).


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