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> I am using rsync and crontab to perform scheduled backups on FreeBSD AMD64 
> Rel. 7.0
> I am following process described here for rsync :
> http://samba.anu.edu.au/rsync/examples.html
> I have a backup script's created for daily, weekly, monthly.
> This is one example  -  the daily  (/backup is a seperate physical drive) :
> #daily backup script
> rsync -a --delete /usr/home/data/Access/ /backup/daily/Access
> rsync -a --delete /usr/home/data/Templates/ /backup/daily/Templates
> rsync -a --delete /usr/home/QBdata/ /backup/daily/QBdata
> rsync -a --delete /usr/home/reception1/ /backup/daily/reception1
> rsync -a --delete /usr/home/reception2/ /backup/daily/reception2
> rsync -a --delete /usr/home/reception3/ /backup/daily/reception3
> rsync -a --delete /usr/home/data/Files/ /backup/daily/Files

If this is the complete script, you've forgotten to start the file with the
shell invocation:

> All files created where chmod'd with +x, then I test the scripts by
> running them manually and all three, daily, weekly & monthly work
> fine.

Scripts started from the shell prompt will run without the #! line (they
will be interpreted by a subshell). 

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