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Today I upgraded my system (ports) so I got x.org 7.4 installed.

Given the various entries in /usr/ports/UPDATING about the recent
updates for xorg I wonder what the correct settings/combinations are
for my installation:

I've got hald running as per /etc/rc.conf with hald_enable="YES" as
well as moused (moused_enable=YES in rc.conf).

My login is via console from where I manually start X11 (gnome) via

Here's what I've got in my xorg.conf:

# Added after upgrade of X11
Section "ServerFlags"
   Option "AllowEmptyInput" "false"

the following entries where there even before the upgrade:

Section "InputDevice"
       Identifier  "Keyboard0"
       Driver      "kbd"
       Option  "Corekeyboard"
       Option "XkbModel" "pc105"
       Option "XkbRules" "xorg"
       Option "XkbLayout" "de"
       Option "XkbVariant" "nodeadkeys"

Section "InputDevice"
       Identifier  "Mouse0"
       Driver      "mouse"
       Option      "Protocol" "auto"
       Option      "Device" "/dev/sysmouse"
       Option      "ZAxisMapping" "4 5 6 7"

Here are my questions:

o) When I start X it basically works, but then I get out of gnome,
ending up at the commandline and start X11 again ("startx"), the
screen becomes garbled and everything freezes completely. Not only is
any input via the console disabled but also no reaction on already
established ssh-sessions - complete lockup.

I'm using the "radeonhd" driver for my graphics card is a ATI Radeon
HD 2400 XT (RV610 chipset).

o) Are the above settings (i.e. AllowEmptyInput and the sections for
keyboard/mouse) correct for my combination of hald and moused running?

Thanks much in advance for your help,

Me too.
I started a thread a few days ago titled "Restarting new Xorg freezes
My symptoms are the same as yours.
I'm not running hald at all.
I'm not using full-blown gnome, just windowmaker.
I'm using the "radeon" driver on an ATI HD 4350

I just tried switching to the "vesa" driver, and now I can stop and start
X as much as I want with no problems whatsoever.
I know that this was not a problem with the "radeon" driver prior to the
Xorg update.
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