On Friday 30 January 2009 04:36:04 Arjan van der Oest wrote:
> Mel wrote:
> >> - why does the system tries to mount the nfs filesystem from the
> fstab
> >> while nfs_client_enable has been set to no in rc.conf?
> >
> >Because there is no relation between the two. You could be using a 3rd
> >party nfs kernel module.
> Yes, but I am not. I'm using the default kernel option which I believe
> is enabled with the mentioned rc.conf switch, or am I wrong here?

Yes, but why should mount(8) check /etc/rc.conf? The relation is reverse, 
rc(8) should give services the right(tm) arguments.

> >> And more bizarre: when interrupting the
> >> mountcritremote script the share has been actually mounted, so it

> Also what puzzles me is the fact that a new identical setup box has no
> problem. As I wrote earlier the only difference is that I did not select
> the 'enable nfs client' from the sysinstall this time. I have not used
> any of the mentioned flags on the second box too, so why does it work on
> that machine?

Does this one also have a link UP message after nfs mounting? If not, then 
there's your culprit: network isn't up at mountcritremote time. You should 
mark it 'late' in fstab.


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    and never get to the software part.
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